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Away from powerless, towards powerful

Considering all the uncertainties and ambiguities surrounding leaders every day, I believe that Steven Covey’s concept of the ‘circle of influence’ has become more vital than ever. We have a limited amount of energy to use at any given time. The key is what we use it for and what we focus on.  How to increase your own and your team’s performance and spirit People are concerned about many things

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‘Just be myself’
Why being authentic in your job has its limits.

“I’d just like to be myself. I want to be and remain authentic.” This is a request I often hear in coaching sessions with clients. The demand for authenticity is also addressed in every leadership seminar. Why is this need so widespread? And to what extent does it make sense in a professional context? First of all, the question of “Who am I?” is one of the most challenging ones

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If you aim to build trust – listen!

In a world of extroverts, it is all about speaking. And in the world of the internet, it is mainly about reading and writing. So we might ask ourselves: where are those who listen? Many of us seek fulfilling relationships based on trust. Hence it might be worthwhile to engage with this interpersonal habit more consciously. One of the reasons we do not care about listening anymore might be that

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Why fine-tuning your strengths is pivotal

Leaders might get themselves into trouble is by overdoing it – doing too much of a good thing, whether that be talking too much, pushing too hard, delegating too much authority, or getting too caught up in the details. That’s how strengths if taken too far, become weaknesses. Therefore, the general concept of dividing characteristics into “strengths” and “weaknesses” might be too simple. To handle the challenges that come your

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