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Increasing Positive Moments in your Work and Life: Don’t just think it – say it!

William James once said: “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” The need for recognition seems to be ever-present, wherever and whenever we find ourselves spending time with others.   At the workplace, respective complaints are expressed frequently: ‚I do not receive enough recognition for what I deliver, for what I contribute, for how much energy I put in this project…’. Sometimes I find myself wondering:

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Why trust does not develop by itself.
And what you can specifically do to get there.

“Ms. Wanke, I’d like more openness and trust in the team, and I’d like to spend a day building it.” I can understand this request very well. A culture of mutual trust is one of the most valuable characteristics a team can achieve. It allows a team to collaborate effectively and in a pleasant atmosphere. Mutual trust increases both speed and quality. Everyone can move directly towards the common goal

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Away from powerless, towards powerful

Considering all the uncertainties and ambiguities surrounding leaders every day, I believe that Steven Covey’s concept of the ‘circle of influence’ has become more vital than ever. We have a limited amount of energy to use at any given time. The key is what we use it for and what we focus on.  How to increase your own and your team’s performance and spirit People are concerned about many things

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‘Just be myself’
Why being authentic in your job has its limits.

“I’d just like to be myself. I want to be and remain authentic.” This is a request I often hear in coaching sessions with clients. The demand for authenticity is also addressed in every leadership seminar. Why is this need so widespread? And to what extent does it make sense in a professional context? First of all, the question of “Who am I?” is one of the most challenging ones

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If you aim to build trust – listen!

In a world of extroverts, it is all about speaking. And in the world of the internet, it is mainly about reading and writing. So we might ask ourselves: where are those who listen? Many of us seek fulfilling relationships based on trust. Hence it might be worthwhile to engage with this interpersonal habit more consciously. One of the reasons we do not care about listening anymore might be that

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How you may disconnect from the digital world and regain control

Am I using technology, or is technology using me? Although we are aware of how important it is to connect with ourselves and the world around us, it doesn’t seem easy to unplug. One of the crucial effects we deal with every day is: How does the digital medium affect our relationships? We do not need statistics. We do not need to look for scientific proof. The effect is immediately noticeable

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