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Life continuously challenges us – personally, socially, organizationally. Renewal is an abiding theme, and the pace is high. Long-established things are being questioned. Relationships are becoming more demanding. In the age of dynamic and digital, of insecure and complex, fresh approaches and intact personal skills are required.

Anticipating future developments, realizing new ideas, enduring tension areas, and using one’s resources in a goal-oriented manner requires active self-management and skillful interpersonal interactions. The aspiration is to generate a valuable contribution while also dealing with the real potential in a resource-saving way – one’s own and that of others. What qualities are required to cope with all this? Christina Wanke innoaction supports you with reflection and methodological competence on your personal and professional path.

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Executive coaching helps you to be clear with comprehensive reflections despite the threat of chaos, act effectively, and deal consciously with your own resources. Thanks to Leadership Communication, you strengthen your profile as a leader and find new ways to respond. In coaching for Personality Development, you discover your Best Self and gain orientation and self-determination from the inside out.

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The services offered by innoaction Christina Wanke have an immediate positive effect on your personal and professional development and on your quality of life.

Should you be your employee’s
boss and coach at the same time?

When does this leadership role make sense
and what are the relevant success factors?
Here you find some suggestions from my coaching practice.

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